Lean To Greenhouses


Janssens Lean-to Greenhouses – capture the suns energy
A lean-to Greenhouse on a south facing wall benefits from the wall absorbing the sun’s warmth creating a thermal store. Janssens Lean-tos are made with very strong ‘box section’ aluminium profiles and provide many possibilities in design to meet the needs of gardening enthusiasts looking for something above the norm in quality and strength.

Arcadia Lean-to Greenhouses

Arcadia models come in many standard sizes up to a maximum of 1.57m wide x 12m long and have lots of options available to personalise one to your own taste.
Solidly constructed using box section aluminium profiles, the Arcadia represents an investment in strength
Lean-to’s can be a bit trickier to build than free standing models but if you are not adventurous our professional construction service is available.

Arcadia Plus Greenhouse

Arcadia Plus models offer more scope in terms of structural dimensions and come up to a maximum size of 3.05m x 12m.
The exact ridge height you require can be selected (within certain values) and we can offer a service to modify the Greenhouses width and/or length and even the shape of the gable ends.