Eos T

Eos T – Elegant, attractive, spacious
Eos T Greenhouses are one of the most attractive models and make a great feature in any beautiful garden. Made with strong ‘box section’ Helios aluminium profiles providing optimum strength and value for money. This range is customisable, you can pick and choose from a wide range of options to make your dream Greenhouse a reality.

Some of the many reasons to buy an Eos T Greenhouse


If ordering our construction service:
Our constructors bring the Greenhouse kit with them, they will be driving a large van.
If you are buying your Greenhouse in kit form to self-build:
Delivery is normally by a large truck with equipment to offload beside the lorry.
If you have restricted access:
If a truck will not be suitable for delivery to you, please select the van delivery service option. If you might have difficulty receiving delivery in a large van please contact us to discuss.
Price = €100

Tips for receiving your delivery and storing goods until construction

If our construction service is being provided our constructors take care of the logistical arrangments of getting the materials to the site. They need reasonable and safe access to do so.

If building the Greenhouse yourself or contracting a third party to construct it, you will need to choose a location immediately adjacent to where the delivery vehicle can go to store the Greenhouse kit temporarily until you can build it.

Normally there will be one or two long boxes – and typically one pallet of glass 2.2m high, but we can confirm exactly what number, size and weight of items there will be on request. From the point of view of weather affecting the materials, the boxes and pallet of glass can be left outside if necessary for a week or two without any issue as they are wrapped, but if you are going to store them longer it would be best to have indoor (e.g. in a garage) or under cover storage space.

Lead Times
The lead time of the Greenhouse that you have selected is approximately 8 to 10 weeks in kit form.

Assembly Instructions

Antique Orangery
Foundation and Dwarf Wall Drawings for Helios and Eos T Models:
Antique Orangery
Eos T Instruction Manual
Antique Orangery
Drawings of Glass Pane Sizes (various models):
Antique Orangery
Overview of profiles and reference numbers:


Assembly video for Helios Orangery Greenhouses (the Antique is a Helios with a higher roof pitch)
Foundation detail
Sliding door
Hinged door
Roof Window
Louvre Vent
Tips and tricks


The model illustrated is the 3.92m x 4.76m Eos T
Eos T Dimensions
Width (A)
Length (B)
Eaves height (H1)
Ridge Height (H2)
Area (m2)

Antique Orangery
2D drawings of various models including the Eos T:

Optional features (details and price available on request)

We will be pleased to quote for any of these options on request.
Side attached Greenhouses
The solution where you have a wall that is not high enough for a Lean-to Greenhouse, we can modify a free-standing Greenhouse so that the side will be against your wall.
Gable attached Greenhouses
Gable attached models (also known as R Type Greenhouses) have the rear gable fixed to a wall.
Extra storm proofing measures
Janssens Greenhouses are engineered to be very strong but if you are particularly concerned about your site being very exposed to wind there are always some extra things that can be done. Reinforcement bracing (decorative spandrels) are available for most models and for others we can use another type of bracing bar. Seedbeds and shelves can be fitted to the rear gable.
Silicone can be used when installing the glass, not so much to keep the glass on but to make the glass part of the structure – adding rigidity, particularly for the gables and roof. L profile bars can be fitted along the roof which add strength but also are useful for hanging baskets. Lock nuts can be fitted to certain nuts and bolts. Extra rubber glazing strip can be fitted to areas where it is not normally fitted. A lower eaves height can be selected which will reduce the wind loading on the structure.
Polycarbonate Roof and Toughened Glass Sides
For models where Polycarbonate is offered (except the Senior and Master) we can supply Polycarbonate in the roof and Toughened Glass. The price is the same as the Polycarbonate version. This choice gives you the benefits of Polycarbonate in the roof (less heat loss and sun scorch and resistance to breakage) while at the same time giving you clear vision through the walls – which most people who choose toughened glass over polycarbonate prefer.
Tinted Glass Roof
Tinted toughened glass in the roof is available as an option for Garden Pavilions – specifically the Carrousel Type A and the Pyramid. Available in a very limited range of colours, but it will provide shade and add to the ambience of your Garden Room.
Lower Eaves (and ridge) Height
In certain situations, it can be a benefit to have a lower eaves height – for example to reduce wind loading on a Greenhouse in an exposed area or to restrict the view of the Greenhouse from neighbours. For Lean-to Greenhouses, sometimes this option is very helpful as it may help to achieve a desired ridge height to avoid obstacles or stay within the confines of the available wall height. This option reduces the eaves and ridge height by 20cm and there is no cost for doing so if selected at time of placing your order.
Higher Eaves (and ridge) Height
Where customers would like a higher eaves height it can be raised up to 90cm. This option can be useful for customers who will have tall plants, want a larger volume of air in the structure or just want a structure that makes a statement. Where a Greenhouse, Garden Pavilion or Orangery will be fixed to a building this option gives extra flexibility to avoid doorways and other obstacles that would otherwise be encountered.
Bespoke (Custom made) Models
We can on request modify some of our standard Greenhouses to suit non-standard situations, for example adjusting the width, length and height of a structure to fit on existing Dwarf Walls.
Centering Doors
With some models like the 3.84m wide Helios and the 5.32m wide Gigant with 73cm width panes of glass or polycarbonate, when you have double doors they will be off centre. Extra glazing bars and glass can be orderedon request to allow the door to be centred.
Feature Gables
The Arcadia Plus model and the Professional Orangery range have a choice of feature gables available.