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Timeless quality Greenhouses to suit your Lifestyle & Budget
Greenhouse Ireland specialist supplier in all types of Greenhouses. We have a wide range of Greenhouses that can be delivered across Ireland that will fit any budget. Greenhouses are a great way to grow your own fresh fruit & vegetables that are bursting with flavour and organic goodness, not bursting with chemicals like the ones at your local food store. You can also grow almost any type of plants in your Greenhouse so you can challenge your budding green fingers. Greenhouses can also be a fantastic add-on to your house as a unique sunroom to enjoy the heat from the sun and relax in your surroundings. Please browse below our great selection of Greenhouses below
About Us
Where it all began..
One stormy winter in 1995 we received so many calls from people whose light domestic Greenhouses had been damaged in storms asking if we could supply replacements that a decision was made to branch out into Greenhouses to meet this demand.
Since then it has become obvious that the standard cheap Greenhouses on the market are not robust enough for the extremes of weather that have now become common. We looked for Greenhouses that would better stand up to the inclement conditions and found Janssens Greenhouses of Belgium.
Similarly, we had enquiries from clients looking for very high quality Victorian style Greenhouses and we established a very strong relationship with Griffin Greenhouse in the UK who make beautiful bespoke Greenhouses for discerning clients who can afford and demand excellence.
About our Greenhouses
Superior materials, better design and attention to detail – Just a few reasons why our range of glasshouses are the best in Ireland
So, who are we? We are a well-established company that have gained a wealth of experience over many years and strive to meet the needs of our clients. Our construction technicians are full time employed members of staff who take pride in their work.
We hope that you will enjoy using this website to research and price our Greenhouses. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information or if you need anything else to help you in your quest for the right Greenhouse.
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    If you order your seeds early for the coming gardening year, you can beat the rush later. You won’t have to wait for delivery and lose good growing time, and you will have your pick of the available varieties before the popular ones sell out. Check the catalogues and online websites, but also support your … Continue reading “Buying Seeds – horticulturalist Peter Whyte gives some advice”
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  • Garlic

    Garlic has many health benefits, and growing our own is easy when you know how. Homegrown garlic has only the chemicals you apply, and you can eat the leaves and flower-stems when they are young.  Planting garlic in a tunnel or glasshouse now can give you bigger and earlier bulbs than outdoor crops, but even … Continue reading “Garlic”
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    Growing Basil in Ireland

    Basil is easy to buy from the shops, but you can grow a wider range of types yourself at a lower cost to you and the environment.  The type sold in non-returnable pots is usually sweet basil suitable for salads and pesto, but there are also cinnamon and lemon basil, varieties with purple leaves that … Continue reading “Growing Basil in Ireland”
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  • Sweetcorn (low res)


    You can grow sweet corn outdoors in a good summer, but for a more reliable crop you need a greenhouse. April sowings are best done in pots but in May and June seed can be sown directly into its final position.  Sow one fresh seed about 1cm deep per tall pot of free-draining compost: if … Continue reading “Sweetcorn”
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  • Cold Frame Boxes

    Cold Frames

    Cold frames are four-sided boxes with transparent covers sloping towards the sun. You can buy readymade ones or easily make you own with new or recycled materials.  They are out of fashion nowadays because more people have tunnels or glasshouses, but still very useful. You can use cold frames to hold plants for which there … Continue reading “Cold Frames”
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