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Timeless quality glasshouses to suit your lifestyle and budget
Greenhouse Ireland is a new trading name under which we (Polydome Ltd) market premium quality Glasshouses. Polydome was first registered as a trading name on St Valentines Day 1985 by the owner of the business Jonathan Pyle when he was 20 years old. It was established initially to meet a demand from gardening enthusiasts for garden Polytunnels, to enable them to enjoy their hobby more fruitfully (pardon the pun).
About Us
Where it all began..
One stormy winter in 1995 we received so many calls from people whose light domestic Glasshouses had been damaged in storms asking if we could supply replacements that a decision was made to branch out into Greenhouses to meet this demand..
Since then it has become obvious that the standard cheap Greenhouses on the market are not robust enough for the extremes of weather that have now become common. We looked for Greenhouses that would better stand up to the inclement conditions and found Janssens Greenhouses of Belgium.
Similarly, we had enquiries from clients looking for very high quality Victorian style Greenhouses and we established a very strong relationship with Griffin Glasshouses in the UK who make beautiful bespoke Greenhouses for discerning clients who can afford and demand excellence.
About our Glasshouses
Superior materials, better design and attention to detail – Just a few reasons why our range of glasshouses are the best in Ireland
So, who are we? We are a well-established company that have gained a wealth of experience over many years and strive to meet the needs of our clients. Our construction technicians are full time employed members of staff who take pride in their work.
We hope that you will enjoy using this website to research and price our Greenhouses. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information or if you need anything else to help you in your quest for the right Greenhouse.
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