Helios 200

Helios Greenhouse – strong, spacious, customisable
Helios Greenhouses are made with strong ‘box section’ Helios aluminium profiles providing optimum strength and value for money. This range is customisable, you can pick and choose from a wide range of options to make your dream Greenhouse a reality.

Some of the many reasons to buy a Helios Greenhouse

We are currently making updates to our prices.
Please contact the Sales office on 057 912 0424 for confirmation.

Basic Price Includes

  • Aluminium frame manufactured from very strong 'box section'profiles
  • Polyester Powder coated frame in Green or Black
  • 4mm clear Toughened Glass or 10mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate depending on your choice
  • Full length rubber glazing strips to securely fasten the glass
  • Heavy Duty Single (3.18m model) or Double Sliding doors (3.92m model) with door locks
  • Two large louvre vents (each 68cm wide x 92cm)
  • Large roof Vents (70cm wide x 78cm) with Spindle hand operated openers
  • Decorative Finials and Ridge Crestings
  • Decorative Spandrels (wind bracing)
  • Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts
  • Full length aluminium rainwater downpipes
  • Instruction manual and assembly DVD
  • Delivery in kit form (by truck) for self assembly
  • 13 Year warranty on the frame (against defects in manufacture)
Strong 'box section' Aluminium profiles
Base Profile
Glazing Bar
Corner Glazing Bar
Ridge Bar
Gutter Profile
Rubber Glazing Strip
Rainwater Downpipes
Decorative finials and ridge crestings
'Spindle' roof vents
Stainless steel nuts and bolts
Decorative Wind Bracing
Rubber Strip
Black or Green frame
Price your very own Janssens Helios Greenhouse


Dimension A
Dimension B

Glass Pane Size

Frame Colour

Polyester powder coating protects aluminium Greenhouse frames from tarnishing with exposure to the elements and looks very attractive. The process of powder coating Janssens use has been been specifically developed for the harsh conditions Greenhouses encounter, it is done to a higher standard than required for other products and ensures a long service life. Mill Finish is the name for aluminium straight from the mill, i.e. without any protective surface coating.
Colour Price: €0
Mill Finish
(plain aluminium)
Dark Grey
Light Grey
Red Brown
Custom RAL

Rubber Glazing Strip

Rubber Glazing Strip (this is to be in the same drawer as powder coating)
Rubber glazing strip secures each glass pane to the Greenhouse frame and is available in one of three colours. Black, White or Green. Black is supplied by default. We recommend selecting white rubber strip if you have a white or cream Greenhouse.
Please select which colour you would like.

Louvre vents

Janssens’ louvre vents are a generous size (opening dimensions 69cm x 93cm) giving excellent ventilation. With a black polyester powder coated frame, being a neutral colour it blends in with most Greenhouse frame colours. We have allowed for what is considered adequate ventilation by our experience in the basic Greenhouse price but you can never have too much ventilation on a warm summer day.
Automatic Louvre Openers
Thermoforce Automatic louvre openers are quite easy to fit. The opening temperature range is between 15 and 25 degrees C. A release catch enables manual opening of the louvre vent when desired.

The maximum number of vents is based on the size you have selected above.

Included Vents: Louvre = 2, Roof = 3

Price = €/piece

Storm Bracing

For exposed locations, decorative ‘spandrels’ reinforce the strength of the structure greatly, increasing the ability of the Greenhouse to resist buckling in the wind. These attractive spandrels will be in the same colour as your frame and are fitted to every second glazing bar.
If you are concerned with the exposed nature of your site, in addition to storm bracing we would recommend you also fit a shelf and seedbed to the rear gable.
For really exposed situations e.g. coastal areas we would recommend a number of additional measures: Using silicone to adhere the glazing to the frame, using lock nuts in strategic places, having extra rubber glazing strip fitted and having L profile bars fitted along the roof connecting all the roof glazing bars. Pricing on these additional options available on request.




Decorative Aluminium Panels

Ornate aluminium decorative panels, available in a choice of two designs which give a stunning look or a blank panel may be selected. This option will create an unusual feature in your garden and may be the ideal choice where you want to use the structure for an alternative function instead of a Greenhouse, for example as an artist’s studio, wedding reception venue etc.

Dwarf Wall Model

A Dwarf Wall Model makes for a very attractive feature in the Garden and has practical advantages too. It means one can build raised beds inside the walls, the temperature in the summer is a little cooler and winter temperatures a little warmer apparently.
The wall is normally built and organised by the customer and is not included in the price of the Greenhouse. General instructions are available to download on this website but after an order has been placed we will be pleased without additional cost to give a drawing specific to your order for you to give your builder.
There are three standard heights of wall that the Greenhouse can be manufactured for:
200mm wall
400mm wall
600mm wall

Hinged or Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have been included as standard but here you have a choice to change to hinged. Doors can be fitted to the gable or the side of the Greenhouse.
Hinged doors give a Greenhouse a more traditional look than sliding doors. Janssens’ Hinged Doors are fitted with hydraulic door closers to pull them closed automatically and they are fitted with a lock.
Single Sliding
Double Sliding
Single Hinged
Double Hinged

Decorative Finials and Ridge Crestings

Ornate Ridge crestings and finials provide an elegant Victorian style decorative detail for your Greenhouse. If you prefer a purely functional Greenhouse without any frills a plain ridge can be selected here.
Ornate Ridge
Orante Ridge
Plain Ridge

Low Door Threshold

Modified Sliding Door Entrances
The standard door entrance has a threshold bar (to which the sliding door track is fitted) across the entrance at ground level, it is 118mm high (to step over).
For customers who would like the convenience of a lower threshold we offer a modification to reduce this step to 40mm.
If customers need a flush entrance (without any step) – for example for wheelchair access, you can raise the floor level inside and outside to be flush with the top of this 40mm threshold bar after it has been installed.
Dwarf Wall Models with hinged doors
If you are ordering a Dwarf Wall Greenhouse you can simply make your Dwarf Wall a little lower and sink your door threshold bar into the ground to reduce the door step. The doors open outwards and have about 110mm clearance before the wall height is reduced. Please check levels and allow for clearance required outside the entrance (the doors open outwards) if doing this.
Lengthened Hinged Doors
Hinged doors can be supplied 100mm longer and the door threshold bar removed completely. This option requires some modification by whoever is building the Greenhouse on site. Please check levels and allow for clearance required outside the entrance (the doors open outwards) if doing this – as you will only have about 10mm clearance.


Automatic Louvre Opener
Thermoforce Automatic louvre openers are quite easy to fit. The opening temperature range is between 15 and 25 degrees C. A release catch enables manual opening of the louvre vent when desired.
*Price = €55 /piece
Thermoforce HD3400 Automatic Vent Openers
These simple devices open and close roof vents automatically according to temperature. They contain an industrial wax-like substance inside a cylinder which expands and contracts in response to heat or cold and it pushes or pulls a rod that opens or closes the roof vent automatically.
The temperature at which they open and close can be adjusted by hand but you cannot manually open the vent. The cylinder containing the wax-like substance is a consumable item but typically lasts a number of years and can be easily replaced. Generally in windy weather automatic openers are cooled down by the wind and so close the vents.
This robust opener has a strong closing force. It has a maximum opening of 35cm and comes powder coated in a black finish. Its opening range is between 15C and 25C.
*Price = €55 /piece
Bayliss Hydraulic Check Autovents (for more exposed locations)
Hydraulic Check Autovents have a small hydraulic damper which only allows the vent to be opened slowly but it can shut quickly, thus protecting the roof vent from being blown open by the wind. The hydraulic check Autovent is advisable in areas where severely windy conditions are encountered. It can be set to start opening at temperatures between 16C and 23C. Supplied with a satin anodised finish.
*Price = €112 /piece
Don’t be fooled by the name, a seedbed can fulfil many purposes. First and foremost, it provides a surface at a comfortable height on which to pot up and tend to your plants. It can be fitted with capillary matting to assist even water distribution among your pot plants or you can fit an electric thermostatically controlled heated mat in it to propagate seeds. You can use it to simply display plants on or have them easily accessible for routine tending and watering. A seedbed gains you additional space in the Greenhouse and adds to the strength of it.
Multiple units can be fitted to each wall. They can be fitted along the full length of the side and/or across the full width of the gable ends. Each seedbed frame is made from aluminium and will be powder coated to the same colour as your Greenhouse. The tongued and grooved panels which make up the bottom of the unit are white. The seedbed is 500mm wide.

Seedbed at the Gable end

Price = €

Seedbed along a side

Price = €
Janssens shelves aremade from an aluminium profile 115mm wide and they usually run along the full length or width of the Greenhouse. They are useful for having somewhere to put odds and ends like small pot plants, gloves, secateurs, plant labels, thermometers and other small odds and ends. A shelf also adds to the already powerful strength of the Greenhouse. It is powder coated to the same colour as your Greenhouse.

Shelves at the Gable end

Price = €

Shelves along a side

Price = €
The Tabler – Slatted Integral Staging
Very simple and cost effective aluminium slatted staging which bolts to the side of the Greenhouse.
Available in one length only – 1.5m and in two widths, 23cm and 53cm.
The 23cm wide unit has two long aluminium slats, the 53cm wide unit has 5 slats.
Tabler staging is available in Mill Finish, Green (RAL6009) and Black (RAL9005). It is not currently available in any other colours.
Units can be combined in length, i.e. if you buy two 1.5m units you can make one 3m long unit.
Slatted staging allows air to circulate around the plants which is beneficial for growth and water can drain freely away.
23cm 2 slat Tabler Slatted Staging 1.5m long
Mill Finish
(plain aluminium)
53cm 5 slat Tabler Slatted Staging  1.5m long
Mill Finish
(plain aluminium)
Shade Screens
Janssens’ attractive shade screens come in 73cm and 3m lengths and are fitted like a curtain in that they will slide, allowing them to be opened or closed as desired.
Equally useful for shade loving plants that do not want direct sunlight or customers who want to enjoy relaxing under shade in the warmth of their escape from the world.

73cm long screen sahdes

*Price = € /piece

3m long screen sahdes

*Price = € /piece

Self‐build or constructed by Greenhouse Ireland

If you enjoy DIY this Greenhouse comes with an excellent instruction manual and DVD showing the basic techniques of construction and we are pleased to give technical support over the phone when you encounter challenges.
Some modifications (cutting, drilling etc.) may need to be done by the constructor on site with this model. It is considered medium difficulty to build – being a bit more tricky than our most simple models.
If you would rather have the convenience and knowledge that the job was done right first time our professional construction service will take care of this for you.
Our construction quotation will assume that you will have prepared the ground or walls in advance, details are shown in the Assembly Instructions section. If you have any queries about this please do not hesitate to let us know, we produce a drawing specific to each order free of charge on request.
Here are the simple terms and conditions for our construction service. Read Terms & Conditions

Would you like a quotation for construction for this model that you have priced?


If ordering our construction service:
Our constructors bring the Greenhouse kit with them, they will be driving a large van.
If you are buying your Greenhouse in kit form to self-build:
Delivery is normally by a large truck with equipment to offload beside the lorry.
If you have restricted access:
If a truck will not be suitable for delivery to you, please select the van delivery service option. If you might have difficulty receiving delivery in a large van please contact us to discuss.
Price = €100

Tips for receiving your delivery and storing goods until construction

If our construction service is being provided our constructors take care of the logistical arrangments of getting the materials to the site. They need reasonable and safe access to do so.

If building the Greenhouse yourself or contracting a third party to construct it, you will need to choose a location immediately adjacent to where the delivery vehicle can go to store the Greenhouse kit temporarily until you can build it.

Normally there will be one or two long boxes – and typically one pallet of glass 2.2m high, but we can confirm exactly what number, size and weight of items there will be on request. From the point of view of weather affecting the materials, the boxes and pallet of glass can be left outside if necessary for a week or two without any issue as they are wrapped, but if you are going to store them longer it would be best to have indoor (e.g. in a garage) or under cover storage space.

Lead Times
The lead time of the Greenhouse that you have selected is approximately 8 to 10 weeks in kit form.

Assembly Instructions

Foundation and Dwarf Wall Drawings for Helios
Foundation and Dwarf Wall Drawings for Helios and Eos Models:
Instruction Manual for Helios Greenhouse Structures
Instruction Manual for Helios Greenhouse Structures:
Instructions for Optional Features and Accessories
Instructions for Optional Features and Accessories:
Drawings of Glass Pane Sizes
Drawings of Glass Pane Sizes (various models):
Overview of profiles and reference number
Overview of profiles and reference numbers:
2D drawings of Helios and other Models
2D drawings of Helios and other Models (Success Line Greenhouses are Helios Models)


Assembly video for Helios Greenhouses
Foundation detail
Sliding door
Hinged door
Roof Window
Louvre Vent
Tips and tricks


Model Illustrated is The 3.1m x 4.58m Helios 200
Width (A)
Length (B)
Eaves height (H1)
Ridge Height (H2)
Area (m2)
Max. Doorway Width
Sliding Hinged
0cm 0cm
Width (A)
Length (B)
Eaves height (H1)
Ridge Height (H2)
Area (m2)
0(Sq ft)
Max. Doorway Width
Sliding Hinged
0 0

Optional features (details and price available on request)

We will be pleased to quote for any of these options on request.
Side attached Greenhouses
The solution where you have a wall that is not high enough for a Lean-to Greenhouse, we can modify a free-standing Greenhouse so that the side will be against your wall.
Gable attached Greenhouses
Gable attached models (also known as R Type Greenhouses) have the rear gable fixed to a wall.
Extra storm proofing measures
Janssens Greenhouses are engineered to be very strong but if you are particularly concerned about your site being very exposed to wind there are always some extra things that can be done. Reinforcement bracing (decorative spandrels) are available for most models and for others we can use another type of bracing bar. Seedbeds and shelves can be fitted to the rear gable.
Silicone can be used when installing the glass, not so much to keep the glass on but to make the glass part of the structure – adding rigidity, particularly for the gables and roof. L profile bars can be fitted along the roof which add strength but also are useful for hanging baskets. Lock nuts can be fitted to certain nuts and bolts. Extra rubber glazing strip can be fitted to areas where it is not normally fitted. A lower eaves height can be selected which will reduce the wind loading on the structure.
Polycarbonate Roof and Toughened Glass Sides
For models where Polycarbonate is offered (except the Senior and Master) we can supply Polycarbonate in the roof and Toughened Glass. The price is the same as the Polycarbonate version. This choice gives you the benefits of Polycarbonate in the roof (less heat loss and sun scorch and resistance to breakage) while at the same time giving you clear vision through the walls – which most people who choose toughened glass over polycarbonate prefer.
Tinted Glass Roof
Tinted toughened glass in the roof is available as an option for Garden Pavilions – specifically the Carrousel Type A and the Pyramid. Available in a very limited range of colours, but it will provide shade and add to the ambience of your Garden Room.
Lower Eaves (and ridge) Height
In certain situations, it can be a benefit to have a lower eaves height – for example to reduce wind loading on a Greenhouse in an exposed area or to restrict the view of the Greenhouse from neighbours. For Lean-to Greenhouses, sometimes this option is very helpful as it may help to achieve a desired ridge height to avoid obstacles or stay within the confines of the available wall height. This option reduces the eaves and ridge height by 20cm and there is no cost for doing so if selected at time of placing your order.
Higher Eaves (and ridge) Height
Where customers would like a higher eaves height it can be raised up to 90cm. This option can be useful for customers who will have tall plants, want a larger volume of air in the structure or just want a structure that makes a statement. Where a Greenhouse, Garden Pavilion or Orangery will be fixed to a building this option gives extra flexibility to avoid doorways and other obstacles that would otherwise be encountered.
Bespoke (Custom made) Models
We can on request modify some of our standard Greenhouses to suit non-standard situations, for example adjusting the width, length and height of a structure to fit on existing Dwarf Walls.
Centering Doors
With some models like the 3.84m wide Helios and the 5.32m wide Gigant with 73cm width panes of glass or polycarbonate, when you have double doors they will be off centre. Extra glazing bars and glass can be orderedon request to allow the door to be centred.
Feature Gables
The Arcadia Plus model and the Professional Orangery range have a choice of feature gables available.