3/4 Span Greenhouses

3/4 span Lean-to Greenhouses
Where Beauty and Function meet
¾ span Lean-to Greenhouses are particularly attractive and allow one to have a Lean-to Greenhouse where the host wall is not high enough for a straight Lean-to. As with a straight or mono pitch Lean-to Greenhouse when situated on a south facing wall it will benefit from the sun’s heat warming up the host wall and this released heat into the Greenhouse over an extended period of time. The temperate climate a Lean-to Greenhouse produces is ideal for peaches and grapes etc. which can be trained against the host wall or the frame of the Greenhouse.

Making dreams a reality
All Griffin Lean-to Greenhouses are custom made so we can design and manufacture to your exact requirements (within some technical constraints of course). Once we understand your vision and preferences, through the creative and technical talents of Griffin’s design team and the feet on the ground of Greenhouse Ireland we will engineer and build a Greenhouse which will function as beautiful as it looks.


Victorian Glazing System
Griffins have designed their premium glazing system to conceal most of the nuts and bolts and other construction details one normally sees in aluminum greenhouses. The result is a design which is as beautiful up close as it is from a distance. The Greenhouse looks similar to a traditional timber Greenhouse but without the maintenance that timber requires. Spandrels (decorative cast aluminum parts) add to the beauty. The Victorian Glazing System is available in 35 and 45 degree roof pitches.


The Growers Greenhouse
A distinctive feature of Griffin Glasshouses is their generous provision of ventilation. Critical to the management of temperature and humidity, excellent ventilation is achieved through having large and even full-length roof ventilators as well as side vents (top hinged windows). All vents can be automatic if desired, either electrically operated or using hydraulic ‘Autovent’ openers.
Griffin 3/4 Span


Dwarf Wall Greenhouses have the advantage of enabling you to build raised beds inside the Greenhouse but take away light from below the dwarf wall height, so it is useful to have staging and shelving to raise plants to receive more light and also have them at a comfortable height for tending to them (a useful way to avoid unnecessary manual handling).


Optional internal water storage tank
Water can be evacuated from the gutters to the inside the Greenhouse if desired so that the water can be stored in tanks inside the Greenhouse. The warmer water temperature is preferred by some gardeners particularly in summer months when cold water may shock the roots of delicate plants.
Cold frames are useful for hardening plants and if they are of interest it is wise to consider buying them at the same time as your Greenhouse so that the builder who is building your Dwarf Walls can also prepare the small walls for the cold frames.


Other useful accessories including drip irrigation systems which relieves you of the responsibility to always water your plants every day, heating for frost protection or warmer conditions – e.g. for Orchids, supplementary lighting for plants or just lighting for pottering about after dark, propagation equipment to give your plants a good start through rapid germination and shade screens to retain heat or shade plants can all be supplied with the Greenhouse or fitted at a later time. Discussing these options at the time of buying your Greenhouse may help you to anticipate which services you need to run to your Greenhouse during the build, rather than having to do so again later.
If you wish to progress with making your dream a reality
We would recommend if possible that you would visit our premises to see the product in the flesh and discuss the type of Greenhouse that will meet your requirements. Once we have given a rough budget for the type of Greenhouse you are looking for, if the price is not an obstacle and you would like to progress your enquiry towards an order we will be pleased to visit your site to discuss the project in more detail
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