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Beautiful bespoke glasshouses by Griffin for discerning gardeners
Griffin Glasshouses have become the glasshouse of choice for many individuals and professional gardeners, particularly those seeking the highest quality and the very best option for their long-term growing needs. Everything about your glasshouse can be tailored to your individual requirements and unique surroundings and will be a pleasure for you to use and an enhancing feature of your property for you to admire for many years to come.

Why Choose a Griffin glasshouse
A Griffin glasshouse is the gardeners number one choice – Pure craftmanship and built without compromise
The perfect glasshouse designed for you
The design team at Griffin Glasshouses have an eye for beautiful proportions plus years of experience in the practical application of Greenhouse design. Having developed a ‘Victorian’ glazing system which conceals much of the mechanical assembly parts such as nuts and bolts they create Greenhouses which look as good up close as they do from a distance.
The ultimate in ventilation
The ultimate in ventilation Good ventilation of course is indispensable for managing temperature and humidity, it is the key to providing ideal growing conditions. A hallmark of Griffin Glasshouses is the abundance of ventilation. Large top hinged side vents are generally fitted with hydraulic automatic openers. Roof vents vary in size according to the model and customers wishes, smaller roof vents are usually fitted with hydraulic openers and larger ‘full length’ roof vents are usually electrically operated with varying degrees of automation according to the clients’ preferences.
A range of finishes
The Victorian Glazing System is available in two roof angles – 35 degrees and 45 degrees, but if the job requires a different specific roof angle we have another ‘standard’ glazing system which will allow us to make the roof to virtually any angle. While most often Griffin Glasshouses are designed to be Victorian in style we can and do make contemporary buildings when the need arises.

Glass pane widths can be made to any size – some people feel the narrow panes look more authentically Victorian, in fact the Victorians used both wide and narrow panes, the important thing is what do you prefer to look at? Other features that can be added are aluminium arches at the top of the panes at the side of the Greenhouse, and porches with or without doors and these can be protruding or not from the side.

The Aluminium profiles which make up the frame are beautifully designed with bevelled edges resembling machined timber. Cast aluminium parts called spandrels (which serve a structural purpose) add to the Victorian detailing. Ornate Ridge Crestings and Finials are available in a range of attractive designs to put the finishing touches to your unique Greenhouse. Finally the entire structure is powder coated to any RAL colour the client wishes.
All the beauty of wood without the drawbacks.
The Victorian style Glazing System from Griffins is sublime, concealing most nuts and bolts and assembly slots typical of standard Aluminium Greenhouses, the result is a structure which has the benefits of Aluminium (low maintenance and long life) with all the beauty of a wooden building.