Free Standing Greenhouses


Janssens Free Standing Greenhouses – a key to successful gardening
A diverse range of Greenhouses made with strong ‘box section’ aluminium profiles that will meet the needs of gardening enthusiasts looking for something above the norm in quality and strength.

Urban Greenhouse

The smallest Greenhouse in our portfolio, built like a tank in terms of strength. With lots of headroom thanks to 1.8m high sides the Star gives you maximum use of a small space.

Junior Greenhouses

Junior Greenhouses as the name suggests are good greenhouses for someone starting off. Fabricated with ‘Junior’ box section aluminum profiles in terms of strength they are head and shoulders above the mass produced low-cost Greenhouses but at the same time are very reasonable in price.

Senior Greenhouses

Made with ‘Helios’ aluminum profiles this range gives you the strength and quality of Helios Greenhouses but at a reduced price thanks to the cost savings that mass production brings. Available in four popular sizes this model has a 1.8m height at the sides which gives plenty of headroom.

Master Greenhouse

Helios Master Greenhouses are essentially a ‘package deal’ version of Helios Greenhouses. Made with the same strong ‘box section’ aluminum profiles as Helios Greenhouses, Helios Master Models come with extra ventilation and head height than Senior Models

Helios 200 Greenhouse

Helios Greenhouses give you a great range of options to configure your Greenhouse to your requirements. Choices include many different sizes, colours, wide or narrow pane glass, Dwarf wall Models or Glass to Ground or with decorative aluminum panels – and much more…

Eos 200 Greenhouses

The Helios Antique Greenhouse is available in one standard width of 3.1m but is available in many different lengths right up to 11.98m. The distinctive steep roof pitch of this model is reminiscent of traditional Victorian style Greenhouses. The same huge range of options available for the Helios range is available for this model..

Modern Glasshouses

Modern Greenhouses are as the name suggests a modern design, looking like a lean-to Greenhouse but completely free standing. Made with strong box section aluminum profiles giving optimum strength and value for money. This model is customisable so you can personalise your Greenhouse from a wide range of options to meet your exact requirements.

Helios Multibay Glasshouses

For customers who have a requirement for something big, one option we offer is the Helios Multibay. This model might suit a semi-commercial or business application such as a Garden Centre, but might also suit over a swimming pool….

The Gigant Greenhouse

The Gigant lives up to its name, being of gigantic proportions. Large aluminium beams carry the weight of the structure and can span up to 6m in width. While Polytunnel structures are much cheaper with a Gigant you will not have the ongoing cost of recovering and ventilation (and thus growing) is more controllable with side and roof vents.