Janssens Orangery Greenhouses – a key to successful gardening
A diverse range of Greenhouses made with strong ‘box section’ aluminium profiles that will meet the needs of gardening enthusiasts looking for something above the norm in quality and strength.

Junior T Greenhouse

As the name suggests the Junior Orangery is an entry level model, available in one size (3.18m x 4.01m) and one colour (black). This very attractive Orangery is stronger than conventional mass produced Greenhouses using T section profiles and is available in kit form for DIY enthusiasts to build. A Junior Orangery makes a great space to relax and enjoy your garden in and makes for an attractive feature.

Helios T Greenhouse

The Success Line Orangery is a step up in size at 3.92m x 4.76m and has 2m height at the eaves (sides) providing a feeling of spaciousness. This superb model is available with a Green or Black powder coated frame which is made from very strong ‘box section’ Helios Aluminium Profiles. A lovely feature to compliment and enjoy your garden in.

Eos T Greenhouse

The beautiful Antique Orangery has a steeper roof angle than the Success Line model and is considered more traditional looking. This range can be configured to your individual taste from a comprehensive menu of options. The Antique Orangery makes a stunning feature in the Garden and is available in a range of different sizes.

Eos Royal T Greenhouse

An exciting new addition to our range, the Eos Royal T is a beautifully designed Greenhouse and recreational building that will compliment any garden as a feature.  The Eos T has narrow panes of glass and a steep roof angle which is characteristic of Victorian style Greenhouses.  Its heavy double hinged doors give a classy look and it has a low door threshold (a low step) so you don’t have to shower your guests with their drinks as you might otherwise do if there was a tripping hazard.

The Professional Orangery

The Professional Orangery range is in a league of its own. There is a tall part and normally (but not necessarily) one or more lower ‘wings’ projecting from it, all of which you can choose the length of and even the shape of their gable ends. Endless possibilities to design a structure that becomes a destination in itself with huge potential for uses.

The Cathedral Greenhouse

As the name suggests the Cathedral is a building of magnificent proportions. As with our Professional Orangery range it is a destination in itself for a range of possible uses, even commercial applications. It could be used for parties, as a Greenhouse, over a swimming pool…. The Cathedral is 4.58m wide and available in lengths up to 11.98m