Griffin Glasshouse Benching and Shelving
Griffin can tailor make benching and shelving to your exact requirements. There are two main styles, Standard benching and shelvingand Victorian benching. The benching can be fixed or moveable, folding or static. It can be powder coated to any RAL colour requirement. A range of surfaces such as aluminium flat or tray tops for putting pearlite in or capillary matting on, wire mesh tops to let air circulate around your plants are available.
JanssensGreenhouse Benching and Shelving
Professional Benching
Ventilation for Griffin Glasshouses
Ventilation for Janssens Greenhouses
Spindle hand operated openers
Automatic Vent Openers
These simple devices open and close roof vents automatically according to temperature. They contain an industrial wax-like substance inside a cylinder which expands and contracts in response to heat or cold and it pushes or pulls a rod that opens or closes the roof vent automatically.
Bayliss XL Autovent
Auto Louvre opener
Auto Louvre opener
Auto Louvre opener
Thermoforce Automatic louvre openers are quite easy to fit. The opening temperature range is between 15 and 25 degrees C. A release catch enables manual opening of the louvre vent when desired.
Replacement cylinders
Replacement cylinders(power tubes) for Autovents
Replacement power tube for Thermoforce Louvre Opener €30
Replacement power tube for Bayliss Hydraulic Check Autovent €38
Replacement power tube for Bayli8ss XL Autovent €28
Replacement power tube for Thermoforce HD3400 €30
Air Circulation Fans
Good air circulation improves growing conditions and reduces the chance of fungal diseases such as Botrytis and Mildew which thrive in damp conditions. Good air circulation will also help distribute heat distribution in a Greenhouse and will reduce condensation.
Arizona Fan
Air circulation rate of 460m³/h:
53 watt
Phoenix Heater and Air Circulation Fan
Shade Screens
Unless you are planning to grow plants requiring shade such as alpines or orchids, or use your Greenhouse as a Garden Room to relax in, we advise you to wait for a season to see whether shading is necessary. In well ventilated Greenhouses we find that most of our customers don’t require shading.
Shading for Griffin Glasshouses
Janssens Shade Screens
Screens for Orangeries (T models)
Having an automatic irrigation system frees you from the responsibility of daily ensuring your plants have enough water. The irrigation system will not know if the plants are receiving enough water so you do need to regularly check and top up or adjust – and of course talk to your plants.
Orbit two outlet timer
Rainbird Programmable
Capillary Matting
Retail pack 0.6m x 2.5m including polythene underlay (per pack) : €13
Aquamat cut to length
900 gauge polythene
Micro Irrigation
The next thing is to run water pipes within the Greenhouse – we can supply pipe and fittings which are compatible with our micro irrigation components for you to run your water supply around your Greenhouse. As a general guide, consider grouping your plants together according to their water requirements, if some plants need a lot more water than others you could treat them as a different zone where you can leave the water on for longer.
Do a drawing of your Greenhouse when planning what you need, allow enough pipe and fittings to discretely run the water supply pipe to all the areas you want to water. With the list of what you need you can compare to our Mini and Maxi water supply kits to choose one that nearest matches what you need. You can separately order additional fittings from us – please contact us if this is the case. This equipment is intended for DIY by the customer after the Greenhouse has been installed.
Finally – you can select the appropriate watering equipment from our menu to use for each area that you have grouped your plants into which need similar volumes of water. There are Dripper Assemblies which deliver water to individual pots (so one dripper per pot), Fadrip Tube which is laid onto soil and will leak water directly into the soil and mini sprayers on little plastic stand pipes to shower small areas with water.
Band fittings
20mm Band Valve
end stop plug
A punch is a tool supplied (needed if you order dripper assemblies)
A punch is a tool supplied (needed if you order dripper assemblies)
Plastic hook for the ground
A goof plug blocks up a hole made by mistake with the punch.
Anchor pegs are used to keep the water pipe pegged into position to the ground.
A goof plug blocks up a hole made by mistake with the punch.
Anchor pegs are used to keep the water pipe pegged into position to the ground.
Fadrip tube at work
Dripper assembly in a flower pot
Micro sprayer
According to an expert at the Agrigultural Research Centre in Kinsealy a fast germination of a seed promotes a healthy plant. In other words, rapid germination is like a good start in life to a plant. The optimum temperature for germination depends on the seed being grown, check the packet – but 18 degrees C would be a typical temperature required. The most efficient way to achieve and maintain this temperature is to have a heated propagator. You can either buy a complete propagator which is ready to use or make your own.
If making your own thermostatically controlled propagator you will need a soil warming cable and thermostat, sharp sand (not ordinary builders sand) and materials to make a frame and cover. An alternative which is much more convenient is a Heating Mat which you simply roll out and plug in (but it is a good idea to sit it on polystyrene). We also offer complete propagators.
Jumbo Propagator
Grand Top Propagator
Sahara Heating Mats
Soil warming cable
Digital Thermostat
Greenhouse Heating
Once mostplants have germinated, they need to be protected from frost. Electric fan heaters particularly the higher quality ones are the most popular choice with our customers for a variety of reasons. One reason is these high quality heaters have an accurate thermostat which means the heater will not be wasteful of energy. Another reason is they circulate air as they are fan assisted, this air circulation helps maintain a healthy atmosphere in the Greenhouse. Please ensure your electrical connections have been safely set up by an electrician for a wet environment (IP55).
For customers for whom an electric heater is not an option (e.g. because of having no access to power) we offer thermostatically controlled Propane Gas Heaters. Propane gas is used instead of Butane gas as it will continue to work in lower temperatures than Butane. Gas Heaters are beneficial in that they produce Co2 which promotes plant growth. Gas heaters are not suitable for delicate plants, they are more commonly used for vegetables and fruit and hardy flowers. Gas heaters also need a source of ventilation as they burn oxygen and will if not ventilated create carbon monoxide.
Where higher levels of heating are required a system similar to the central heating system in a house may be required using pipes which radiate heat instead of wall radiators. We can refer you to a specialist for this.

Phoenix Heater 2

Palma Heater
Frosty 2500 Propane Gas Heater


Cold Frames
Cold frames are particularly useful if you want to extend the growing season, overwinter or harden off plants. Cold frames can be integrated into the design of your glasshouse, typically either side of a porch or to the side of the glasshouse or they can stand alone.
A special feature of Griffin cold frames is the lifting toughened glass lids which have been cleverly designed not to lift out in high winds.




Cold Frames are individually priced, please consult with us on your requirements.